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Play Tag to Win Furnishings


Winners in Early Bird #1

  • Betty Lou Donovan
    # 8110
  • Michel Pelletier
    # 6215
  • Sarah Smith
    # 5328
  • Joseph Rey Racho
    # 3800
  • Fiona Payne
    # 22586
  • Douglas Bradshaw
    # 8196
  • Jennifer Breau
    # 6738
  • Shannon Arsenault
    # 25597
  • Blair Manuel
    # 2697
  • David Flett
    # 25475

Winner in Early Bird #2:


Michael Fontaine
# 29678



July 2, 2020 at 4pm

Buy Before:

Midnight July 1

Grand Prize


Dream Cottage

OR $65,000 Cash
(with Tag)

This luxury Dream Cottage is the place of dreams. Barrier-free cottage for one level living. Enjoy morning coffee on the deck and spectacular sunsets from every window. Win it fully furnished by Playing Tag or $65,000 cash option.

Buy Before: Midnight, July 1 / Draw: July 2 at 4pm

100 Bonus Draws

100 more winners!

The Cause

Strong Kids Start With Strong Foundations

What are your hopes for the children in your life?  In your community?

At Big Brothers Big Sisters / Boys & Girls Club Miramichi our hope for children is health, happiness, and a safe community in which they feel pride and connection.

In School Mentoring, KidZone programs, Zig Zag Pop Up Camp, Summer Camps, Scholarships and Breakfast Program in 23 Schools, and SNAP are a part of how we get there.

Over 700 kids are getting stronger when they are part of Miramichi Big Brothers Big Sisters / Boys & Girls Club programs.  We are giving them a safe environment in which they can build confidence and self-worth, while recognizing their own potential and sharing that with their community.  These programs help them develop a positive self-image, succeed in school and manage negative influences in their lives.

This most important task should not rest with caregivers alone. Teachers, employers, coaches, peers, mentors, and neighbours can all help build and strengthen the next generation, one child at a time, with positive influences, life-long connections and a love of community.

Your support is invaluable in getting us there. Our sincere thanks for your past and present support and a wish for your continued support to ensure ALL kids succeed!

Past Dream Cottage Winners

Dream Cottages are all over the greater Miramichi region. The quality of the Dream Cottage gives years of comfort and enjoyment to the owner.

2019 Maura Flynn

2018 Lucy McCray

2017 Darla McKay

2016 Sabrina Ward

2015 David Olsen

2014 Franciose Gedeon

2013 Jackie Savage

2012 John Matchett

2011 Linda Hay

2010 Peggy Doyle

2009 Eric Carroll

2008 Anne Comeau

2007 Scotiabank Staff

2006 Stacy McCosh

2005 Jean Bell

2004 Burton Martin

2003 Sean McPhee

2002 Brent Doiron

2001 Shella Leach

2000 Cash Lottery

1999 Barb Flett

1998 Thelma Carroll

1997 Karen LeGresley

1996 Allison Underhill

1995 Jo-Anne Scott

1994 Bill Hogan

1993 Romeo St. Pierre

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