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New: 50/50 Dream Draw

Win 50% of tickets sold

* 50/50 Dream Draw Lottery tickets must be purchased at the same time as your Dream Cottage Lottery tickets

50/50 Dream Draw Lottery tickets cannot be ordered after your original Dream Cottage Lottery ticket order.

WINNER: Guy Bastarache

Ticket #: MDCH800294013


Early Bird Prizes

The earlier you purchase the more chances to Win!

Winning Tickets of Early Bird Prizes are returned to the Drum for future draws.



10 Prizes of $1000 in Grocery Gift Cards

Name     /     Ticket # Name     /     Ticket #
Rachel Comeau MDCE500342013
Ann McGrath MDCC300120005
Marilyn Robichaud MDCE500119020
Randy Dickinson MDCC300787001
Anne Gallant MDCE500241012
Ginette Hallihan MDCD400339008
Viola Vautour MDCE500648012
Crystal Godfrey MDCB200072003
Rachelle Carroll MDCC300790005
Miguel Fournier MDCE500832020

Rachel Comeau
Ticket # MDCE500342013

Ann McGrath
Ticket # MDCC300120005

Marilyn Robichaud
Ticket # MDCE500119020

Randy Dickinson
Ticket # MDCC300787001

Anne Gallant
Ticket # MDCE500241012

Ginette Hallihan
Ticket # MDCD400339008

Viola Vautour
Ticket # MDCE500648012

Crystal Godfrey
Ticket # MDCB200072003

Rachelle Carroll
Ticket # MDCC300790005

Miguel Fournier
Ticket # MDCE500832020



2022 KIA Forte LX or $15,000

WINNER: Blake Russell

Ticket #: MDCE500296016

Grand Prize DRAW


Dream Cottage

OR $75,000 Cash

This luxury Dream Cottage, valued at $190,000, is the place of dreams.
Win it fully furnished or take the $75,000 cash option.

Winner:  Patrick Manderson

Ticket #: MDCD400284006

Ranger Polaris 1000 eps

Grand Prize #2

2022 Polaris Ranger 1000 EPS or $15,000 Cash

The Ultimate Utility Side-by-Side, the Polaris Ranger 1000 EPS packs class-leading hauling power, all-day comfort and unrelenting toughness so you can finish big jobs, tackle tough trails and outlast the longest days. Or $15,000 cash option.

WINNER:  Stephen Power

Ticket #: MDCE500075003

The Cause

Strong Kids Start With Strong Foundations

When you buy a Ticket, YOU are ensuring that children and youth have access to healthy relationships, great programs & activities and opportunities year-round.


Past Dream Cottage Winners

Dream Cottages are all over the greater Miramichi region. The quality of the Dream Cottage gives years of comfort and enjoyment to the owner.

2021 Royden Donald

2020 Robert MacDiarmid

2019 Maura Flynn

2018 Lucy McCray

2017 Darla McKay

2016 Sabrina Ward

2015 David Olsen

2014 Franciose Gedeon

2013 Jackie Savage

2012 John Matchett

2011 Linda Hay

2010 Peggy Doyle

2009 Eric Carroll

2008 Anne Comeau

2007 Scotiabank Staff

2006 Stacy McCosh

2005 Jean Bell

2004 Burton Martin

2003 Sean McPhee

2002 Brent Doiron

2001 Shella Leach

2000 Cash Lottery

1999 Barb Flett

1998 Thelma Carroll

1997 Karen LeGresley

1996 Allison Underhill

1995 Jo-Anne Scott

1994 Bill Hogan

1993 Romeo St. Pierre

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